One Trick That Will Get Republican Voters To Oppose Tax Cuts

Republicans love tax cuts. They love them, in many cases, more than they love their own families. Liberals have struggled for decades to figure out how to counteract this.

Sometimes, they think the answer is to also support tax cuts, but you can’t out-cut the kings of the cut. And at the end of the day, the left believes in moderate taxation but not the “starve the beast” zealotry of the right.

But I have a plan.

While you can’t really get Republican lawmakers to stop the tax cut frenzy, because rich donors pay the bill, you can turn their voters off to the point where they are wielding pitchforks against tax cuts?

How? The same way Republicans got their voters to oppose immigration, the social safety net, and so much of the progressive agenda: Convince them that minorities are benefitting from it.


Here’s how to do it in a TV ad:

“Hello, I’m Tyrone”

“I’m Rosalinda”

“And I’m Mustafa”

“We’re here today to thank the Republican Party for our tax cuts”

“With the tax cuts in place, I have more money to spend on my niece’s quinceanera”

“I put a down payment on our mosque expansion”

“And I bought rap albums”

“I am the imam for Mustafa’s mosque, I cannot tell you how grateful I am that his tax cut will go to our ongoing recruitment efforts. This GOP policy will mean more and more Muslims!”


And here are some headlines in the same vein:

GOP Tax Cuts Fund Abortions For Thousands

San Francisco, Seattle Use GOP Tax Cuts For LGBT Child Care

Local Families Donate GOP Tax Cut To Black Lives Matter, Antifa General Fund

“Take God Out Of School” Campaign Sees Donation Boom From GOP Tax Cuts


I feel like in minutes, you would have an outpouring of conservatives hating tax cuts.

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