The Democratic Party’s Impeachment Kabuki Theater

The Democrats are not impeaching Donald Trump. There is not an impeachment inquiry underway, there are not impeachment proceedings in play. There are no articles of impeachment. Period. There should be. But there aren't. Democrats are playing a dangerous game right now and I feel like it's going to come back and bite them on [...]

Media Bias: The Facts

The Media, In General, Favors The Right Sunday news shows are biased overwhelmingly to the right. "There were over five times as many right-leaning signature panels on the major Sunday political news shows as left-leaning panels in the first half of 2019, according to a Media Matters study. Across the Sunday shows on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox [...]

How The Left Can — And Must — Fight The Information War

The press is covering itself in glory yet again, carrying water for the right again. Progressives need to start promoting, amplifying and supporting our own outlets as the right has. The mainstream media is a failure. One of the major problems we have is that the right understands this is an informational war and lends [...]