It’s Time For Pollyanna Liberalism To Die

It’s going to all work out. Ultimately. No need to worry too much. Things will straighten themselves out, eventually. The arc of the moral universe bends to justice, etc. I think liberalism, which by nature is optimistic about the future, has gotten way too high on it’s own supply. It feels like there’s a shared … Read more

Kimberly Klacik – Candace Owens Lawsuit: Facts You Need

Failed congressional candidate Kim Klacik is suing conservative pundit Candace Owens. Klacik is asking for $20 million in damages and alleging defamation. Klacik Lawsuit Details Klacik is suing over Owens’ Instagram video from June 2021 where she claimed Klacik committed campaign fraud, money laundering, and used illegal drugs. Owens also reportedly accused Klacik of being … Read more