How The Modern Mainstream Media Would Cover The End of Slavery

Since the beginning of Trump’s presidential campaign, the mainstream media has been obsessed with what white people are thinking. We are subjected to a constant barrage of stories from this point of view. Everybody else is left out to dry. So, what would this approach have looked like as slavery died in America?

A little like this:

Here on the Josiah farm, the mill no longer turns for hours on end. The fields grow wild with crops, and the sound of whips and lashes no longer fills the air. A strange new and frightening world unfurls for the Josiah family. Their negroes are gone.

Paying for labor does not come naturally to Ezekiel Josiah. For generations, his family handed down their human property, breeding them like cattle to work the fields. But now, thanks to Washington, the free labor pool has completely dried up.

There is a noticeable quiver in Ezekiel’s voice as he speaks. “You have to understand, paying for my labor isn’t something I’m used to. It’s not how I was raised. I believe in a man owning another, inferior, man. And woman. And children.”

Experts have said that this is a situation occurring all over America. The sudden shortage of free human labor is creating a backlash among the plantation owner demographic that will be felt for years, says Todd Powers of the Mandingo Institute.

A new breed of politician has arisen in response to this shocking demographic change, especially in the South. They are courting the plantation owner demographic and promising to “Make America Great Again,” by bringing back the slaves and forcing the North to pay for them.

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