Who Is Ryley Coker? Hug High School Teacher Arrest

Ryley Coker is a man from Washoe County, Nevada. He worked as a teacher at Hug High School. Police have accused of soliciting a child for prostitution. Ryley Coker Allegations Ryley Coker Arrested, Refused To Attend Arraignment. “Washoe County School District teacher Ryley Coker offered a 16-year-boy $500 in exchange for sexual favors, according to … Read more

Who Is George Ndungu? San Antonio Catholic Priest Arrest

George Ndungu is a man from San Antonio, Texas. Ndungu worked as a Catholic priest with Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Police have accused Ndungu of assaulting a woman. George Ndungu Allegations George Ndungu Arrested. “The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrested George Ndungu, a Catholic priest within the San Antonio Archdiocese, on Aggravated Sexual … Read more

Who Is Matthew Dessert? Stanislaus Sheriff Deputy Arrest

Matthew Dessert is a man from Stanislaus County, California. Dessert worked as a deputy in the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department. Police have accused Dessert of assaulting a minor. Matthew Dessert Allegations Matthew Dessert Arrested. “Stanislaus County detectives say they were contacted by a school counselor at around 8:30 a.m. on Monday regarding a student who … Read more

Who Is Eibylardo Funes? Vista Murrieta High School Coach Arrest

Eibylardo Funes is a 50 year old man from Murietta, California. Funes worked as a football coach for a youth football league that practiced at Vista Murietta High School. Police have accused Funes of punching a 14-year-old boy on the football team. Eibylardo Funes Allegations Eibylardo Funes Arrested. “Officers with the Murrieta Police Department responded … Read more

Who Is James Lambert? St Louis Hockey Coach Arrest

James Lambert is a 41 year old man from St. Louis, Missouri. Lambert worked as a hockey coach, including at Lindenwood University. Police have accused Lambert of assaulting a child. James Lambert Allegations James Lambert Arrested. “James Lambert, 41, has been charged by the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office with two counts of first-degree … Read more

How Did Pava LaPere Die? Ecomap CEO Murder

Pava LaPere was a 26 year old woman from Baltimore, Maryland. LaPere was the CEO and founder of EcoMap Technologies. LaPere was found dead with blunt force trauma woods in an apartment building in Baltimore. Pava LaPere Death Details Pava LaPere Found Murdered. “Police found Pava LaPere dead after responding to a call for service … Read more

Who Is Zachary Ray? Wynnewood PA Coach Arrest

Zachary Ray is a 31 year old man from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Ray worked as a basketball coach and trainer. Police have accused Ray of abusing three girls that he worked with. Zachary Ray Allegations Zachary Ray Arrested, Accused Of Abuse. “Zachary Ray, 31 of Wynnewood, is facing multiple counts of child sexual abuse in Chester … Read more

Who Is Matthew Swajkowski? Verona High School Teacher Arrest

Matthew Swajkowski is a 36 year old man from Verona, New Jersey. He worked as a teacher at Verona High School. Police have accused Swajkowski of assaulting a juvenile. Matthew Swajkowski Allegations Matthew Swajkowski Arrested. “Matthew Swajkowski, 36, of Verona, was taken into custody on Friday and is accused of engaging “in sexually inappropriate conduct … Read more

Who Is Steven Lester Woods? Kansas City Murder Case

Steven Lester Woods is a man from Kansas City, Missouri. He worked as a teacher at Maple Elementary School in the Smithville School District. Police have accused Woods of murdering his stepson, Joseph Michael Bonacorso. Steven Lester Woods Allegations Steven Lester Woods Arrested For Murder. “Steven Lester Woods has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree … Read more