15 Nobel Prize Winners Endorse Biden Economic Plan

Fifteen winners of the Nobel Prize have announced that they back President Joe Biden‘s economic plan, arguing it will lead to economic boom. “15 winners of the Nobel Prize in economics, including Joseph Stiglitz, write in an open letter that Biden’s agenda will reduce long-term inflationary pressure, provide inclusive economic growth and make the tax … Read more

Madison Cawthorn Lies, Claims Constitution Allows Travel Without Vaccination

Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn made up a lie, claiming that the Constitution gives citizens the right to travel anywhere without being vaccinated. “Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) has stepped in it again, insisting Americans have a “constitutional” right to completely “free and unrestricted” travel anywhere in the U.S. without being vaccinated. As for unrestricted, he apparently forgot that … Read more

Colossal Wooly Mammoth Resurrection Project Revealed

Tech entrepreneur Ben Lamm and geneticist Dr George Church announced Colossal, a $15 million project to resurrect the wooly mammoth. Wooly Mammoth Resurrection Project Mammoth Resurrection Project Announced. “Technology and software entrepreneur Ben Lamm and world-renowned geneticist Dr George Church founded Colossal – a project hoping to use genetic engineering to alter the genome of … Read more