Who Is Jane Shetterly? Facts And Photos You Need

Jane Shetterly is a teacher at De Anza High School in Richmond, CA. She has been arrested and accused of having sex with a teenage student who she worked for as a private tutor. Shetterly is the coach of the De Anza swim team. She worked at the school as an art teacher. Jane Shetterly … Read more

Vonza Watson Murder: Facts You Need To Know

Vonza Watson is a 27 year old man who was killed at the Lazy Gators bar at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Vonza Watson Murder Details Watson Murdered At Lazy Gators. “The Camden County Sheriffs Office released the name of the victim and located the third person of interest in relation to the Saturday … Read more

Coleman Thomas Blevins Arrest: Facts You Need to Know

Coleman Thomas Blevins is a Texas man accused of planning a mass shooting at Walmart. Coleman Thomas Blevins Arrest Details Blevins Arrested, Allegedly Networked With Extremists. “Coleman Thomas Blevins, age 28, of Kerrville, was arrested by the KCSO Special Operations Division in the 1000 block of Junction Highway on Friday, May 28th, on a warrant … Read more

Omnison Azali Murder Accusation: All The Facts You Need

Omnison AzaliĀ  is a 35 year old man from Euclid Ohio who has been accused of murdering his wife Mwaka Azali. Omnison Azali Murder Arrest Details Azali Arrested, Charged. “Euclid Police Captain Mitch Houser says Omnison Azali, 35, is charged with the murder of Mwaka Azali , who found dead inside a home in the … Read more

Marlene Couture Murder: Facts And Photos

Marlene Couture is a 78 year old Concord, NH woman who was murdered. Her husband Philip Couture has been accused of strangling her. Marlene Couture Murder Details Philip Couture Accused Of Murdering Wife. “Marlene Couture was killed at her residence at 71 S. Spring Street in Concord on Friday, Attorney General John M. Formella said. … Read more

Marcell Ozuna Arrest: Facts You Need To Know

Marcell Ozuna, outfielder for the Atlanta Braves, has been arrested and accused of assaulting his wife. Marcell Ozuna Arrest Details Ozuna Arrested And Accused Of Assault. “Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna was arrested for aggravated assault and battery Saturday evening. Sandy Springs Police received a 911 call about an assault at a home on Windsor … Read more