Oliver Willis (Lloyd Oliver Willis Jr.)
Oliver Willis (Lloyd Oliver Willis Jr.)

I’m Oliver Willis and since 2000, OliverWillis.com has provided opinions, analysis, rants and humor about politics, pop culture and anything that crosses my mind.

I was born on December 6, 1977 in Silver Spring, MD.

I consider myself an FDR-style Democrat: Strong on national security, progressive on domestic policy.

I voted for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama (twice!), Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden for President.

I am a Senior Writer for The American Independent. Before that I was a Research Fellow at Media Matters for America.

Check out my sites Big Explain, MouseTCG, AI Crime Watch, Who Broke The Record? and Scandal Guides.

I wrote a political satire book called The Deepest State. You should buy it.

What I write here is my own opinion.

I live in Winter Park, FL. I am originally from Silver Spring, MD. I have lived in Maryland, Jamaica, Florida (Lauderdale Lakes, Boca Raton), California (Los Angeles), and Massachusetts (Boston).

My parents (Paulette Rosemarie Lowe-Willis and Lloyd Oliver Willis Sr. aka “Gitsy”) and my family are from Jamaica.

Follow me on Twitter @owillis, contact me here.

Things People Have Said About Me

“The great Oliver Willis” – Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, The Rachel Maddow Show, 8/24/12, 10/6/10

“Straight-up monster” – The NRA, 4/25/18

“Schmuck” – Neil Cavuto, Fox News, Cavuto Coast to Coast, 9/29/15

“Lowlife McCarthyite”- Glenn Greenwald, 12/10/16

“The president actually met with five far left internet people at the White House. Folks who have said extremely hateful things, for example blogger Oliver Willis” – Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, The O’Reilly Factor, 10/28/10

“When Oliver Willis talks, it turns out, the blogosphere cares.” – Boston Globe, A1 Profile, 7/23/03

“… allied with other leftist bloggers to vilify those they want to silence or intimidate” – Washington Times, 5/8/07

“Blogger extraordinaire” – Joe Conason, 7/20/15

“You really do enjoy being a jerk, don’t you?” – Sopan Deb, NY Times writer, 8/21/17

“Oliver Willis, a popular Boston-based blogger” – Boston Herald, 11/4/05

“Willis doesn’t pull his punches, even when his target is the Democratic Party.” – Campaigns & Elections, 7/06

“Oliver Willis, a bright young African-American” – American Conservative, 6/19/06

“Blogging wunderkind Oliver Willis” – Baseline, 12/1/03

“Nationally prominent blogger Oliver Willis” – Louisville Courier-Journal, 6/6/05