Secret Democratic Plans for America: DO NOT LEAK!!!

Attention Fellow Democrats,

It has come to my attention that some of our secret plans for America have been released to the public in an unauthorized disclosure.

Apparently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic candidate for Congress, spoke about our plans and ideas in an open forum. I cannot stress to you all how damaging this is, and I urge you to do all you can to prevent further leaks.

As we have discussed, we intend to implement several key policies once we take control of the House, Senate, and eventually the White House.

But the premature disclosure of these ideas could do us irreparable harm and set the movement back decades.

As Ocasio-Cortez revealed with her loose lips moment, Democrats intend:

  • To provide a living wage for people
  • The implementation of “Medicare for All,” which would lead to longer, healthier lives
  • Well-funded education programs, from elementary school up to college, resulting in an educated nation

Do you understand how devastating it is to our cause to have these concepts discussed in the open like this? Republicans will make so much campaign fodder from these concepts, promising to keep wages down, limit access to health care, and to make Americans dumber.

We cannot compete with this!

Additionally, further ideas that we DO NOT WANT RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC include

  • Combating climate change, so we have a planet
  • Ensuring fair and equal access to the polls
  • Racial and gender equality
  • Regulations that protect people and the environment from amoral corporations focused on greed instead of the public good

Please do not make the same mistake Ocasio-Cortez did. Clearly her political naivete led her to bring up these topics without the proper vetting and caution that we have exercised in the past.

How can we go toe-to-toe with the Republicans on ideas like these that have the mass support of most Americans? Continuing to reveal these secret ideas puts us at a distinct disadvantage going forward.

I’m sure I can count on you to keep your mouths shut.

Yours in Christ,

Oliver Willis

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