Creepy Disingenuous Liars

That’s the image that came to mind reading this swill from Glenn Reynolds and former Christian Right architect Marshall Whitman. Here’s the facts of how we were led into war: The Bush administration tried to sell the threat of Al Qaeda-Iraq ties, but that didn’t sell well. Then they said we were under threat of WMDs. Many … Read more

Oh God, He’s Even Dumber Today

Glenn Reynolds says that Ted Kennedy demanding a coherent exit strategy from Iraq is the same as Strom Thurmond being pro-segregation. The question is, will the Democrats be willing to do to Ted Kennedy, for his remarks on the war, what Republicans did to Trent Lott, for his remarks on Strom Thurmond and the 1948 election? As … Read more

Fair And Balanced

On Fox News Channel, you’re free to speak about the coronation of George W… unless you’ve got the nerve to criticize Dear Leader. Then you get a Fox News MeltdownTM. View the video here at IFilm, who has offered to host it. If anyone else would like it, let me know. My hosting bill is … Read more

Bush Flips Out

Click here to watch your President flip out of his gourd. I’ve never seen anything like it. Oliver WillisOne of the first political bloggers in the world, Oliver Willis has operated since 2000. Contributor at Media Matters for America and The American Independent. Follow on Twitter at @owillis. Full bio.

Bush’s Soldier From A Right-Wing Propaganda Org

The soldier Bush referenced in his speech (“We soldiers of yours are doing great and scoring victories in confronting the evil terrorists.”) is part of a right-wing propaganda outfit. See here. “Joe Roche serves with the U.S. Army’s 16th Combat Engineer Battalion in Iraq and is an adjunct fellow at the National Center for Public … Read more

OW.Com Exclusive: Bill Campenni Talks

[this is real, and not my usual parody foolishness :)] I got in contact with Bill Campenni, known as the witness (possibly) to George W Bush’s missing year. I asked him why he chose just now to finally come forth with his story and his reply was that “The stupidity reached a critical mass”. He also says … Read more

The Return Of The Democrats

The right is whining. They are in control of all three branches of the government, but they’re whining. Why? Because for the first time since the 2000 election the left is fighting back. Across the entire spectrum of Democratic politics the ascendancy of George Bush to the White House was a cause for concern, partially … Read more


I realized I would have a problem with religion on the day I asked my mom at the age of about 6 or 7, “so, who came first – the cavemen or Adam & Eve?”. My brain didn’t get the fact that these two are basically mutually exclusive. How would I know? I went to … Read more