Unreachables And Why Liberals Should Stop Trying To Convince The Conservative Cult

In an ideal world for liberals, everybody would agree with them. If they disagree on an issue, these liberals believe, you only need a soaring Aaron Sorkin speech from the West Wing, or it’s real world equivalent – President Barack Obama – to convince people otherwise.

They are good people at heart, it is believed. They only need to see the light.

What happens in the real world is that at any given minute in American history something like 30-40 percent of the population is insane. Or they at least believe insane, nonsensical things.

We’ve taught ourselves a false version of history where certain now-accepted truths were instantly universal. There is a school of thought that surely, everybody eventually agreed with Martin Luther King Jr., and equal rights for all were a concept shared by all but the most extreme Americans.

The reality of course is that Dr. King was killed for advocating this position, in an event 5 years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into federal law. For decades after, segregationists and racists were still active in American politics. The scales did not instantly fall from America’s eyes after the March on Washington.

In 1966, Dr. King only had a 32 percent positive rating in Gallup’s national polling.

So why do liberals continue to obsess over the fact that this 30 percent isn’t on board? It is a silly, self-defeating obsession.

Conservatism is a cult. It isn’t just Donald Trump’s cult, although he is the current messiah figure to the kool-aid drinking crowd, but rather it is a cult in how it rejects the beliefs and understanding of the rest of America.

In poll after poll, there is a shared reality among Democrats and Independent voters, but only a minority of Republicans are able to see things as they truly are. The rest believe in the right-wing cult.

Like Tom Cruise and the Scientologists who believe psychiatry is evil and human beings are haunted by apparitions that were dumped into volcanoes by alien spaceships, there’s nothing much you can do to shake these beliefs. They will believe them either until they die or until they get the good sense to snap out of it.

Hillary Clinton based a lot of her 2016 campaign against Trump on the idea that the good, sensible Republicans would wake from their slumber and oppose an unprepared and idiotic candidate. It didn’t work. Why would the left adopt this strategy again?

There are more voters who don’t believe in the right’s cultish principles. It is just that they didn’t show up to vote in 2016. Victories in Virginia and Alabama – Alabama – show that it can be done.

The focus of attention going forward should be about the sensible voters out there, the ones who aren’t lining up at the Donald Trump temple to swig down a vial of poison, but are instead alert and awake and who believe in doing what is right. Like Doctor King.

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