Snowflake Conservatives: Forever Whining

Conservatives can never be happy. They live constantly in a state of anger and outrage. Even when they win, they whine like babies, only babies exhibit more decorum and common sense.

Unfortunately for America, the right is in power. They have the White House, Congress, and a majority on the Supreme Court. Yet, to hear them tell it, they are a powerless minority constantly subjected to the abject tyranny of the left.

As far as they’re concerned, liberal “social justice warriors” are operating like the Stasi, Gestapo and SS combined. Conservatives are being forced to huddle in fear, because somewhere in the country a tattooed liberal at a coffee shop or a college professor somewhere is upset.

Not only is the entire idea ridiculous, they’ve done this already.

Back in 2005, after Bush was sworn in for his second term, there was a brief moment when the right laughed at the left and asserted that a “permanent Republican majority” was in the cards.

Then the Iraq War continued to implode, followed soon by Bush drowning New Orleans with his anemic response to Katrina and the bill coming due on his tax cuts with the implosion of the global economy.

And it was all the fault of those rascally liberals.

That was the story the right quickly adopted and ran with. They erased Bush from the presidency, and insisted that Democrats had created the housing crisis. According to them, despite inhabiting the presidency, he simply could not stop them.

They also blamed the all-powerful liberal media for the loss off support the war experienced, nevermind that Americans were simply tired of George Bush sending men and women to die while also leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

The left did that too.

The right is not a movement that can govern. It’s chief skill is throwing mud, not running a country. And so even when it is in charge of things, it ends up just amplifying its mud-throwing abilities.

When that fails, because a country and the world needs to be governed, they bitch and moan instead. It is the left, like Colonel Mustard in the library, that is guilty of the crime. But they’re the ones holding the bloody candlestick holder.

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