Who Is Tristan Tidwell? Nevada Triple Murder

Tristan Tidwell is a 35 year old man from North Las Vegas who has said he is homeless. Tidwell reportedly told police that he killed three men and shot a dog, saying, “anything without a home gets terminated.” Tristan Tidwell Murder Allegation Tidwell Told Police He Killed Three Men And Shot A Dog. “Tidwell told … Read more

Who Is Delfio Lusgardo Delgado? Statesville Teacher Accused Of Rape

Delfio Lusgardo Delgado is a 54 year old man from Statesville, North Carolina. Delgado previously taught at Hickory High School there. Delfio Lusgardo Delgado Rape Allegations Police have accused Delgado of rape and taking indecent liberties with a child. Officials have charged him with 20 counts of statutory rape and eight counts of taking indecent … Read more

Who Is Joseph McClure? Middletown WMD Arrest

Joseph McClure is a 44 year old man from Middletown, Pennsylvania. McClure has been accused by police for allegedly having a weapon of mass destruction. Joseph McClure WMD Allegations Bomb Squad Called In, Evacuations Ordered In Middletown. “A bomb squad was called to Middletown during a “police incident” which caused residents to evacuate their homes … Read more