Who Is Freddy Salas? Bayonne School Guard Arrest

Freddy Salas is a 60 year old man from Bayonne, New Jersey. Salas worked as a school security guard with Jersey City Public Schools at School 5. Police have accused Salas of assaulting multiple children. Freddy Salas Arrest Details Freddy Salas Arrested, Accused Of Assault. “Freddy Salas, 60, of Bayonne, was charged with multiple sex … Read more

Who Is Giancarlo Corsi? Los Angeles Teacher Arrest

Giancarlo Corsi is a man from Sylmar, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. He worked as a teacher at Harding Street Elementary School. Police have accused Corsi of assaulting a student. Giancarlo Corsi Allegations Giancarlo Corsi Arrested, Accused Of Assault. “On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Department officers received a report of sexual battery against a … Read more

Who Is Cody Barlow? Wewoka Principal Arrest

Cody Barlow is a 33 year old man from Wewoka, Oklahoma. Barlow worked as a principal at Wewoka Middle School. Police have accused Barlow of assault against a male student. Cody Barlow Allegations Cody Barlow Arrested, Accused Of Assault. “Cody Barlow, 33, was arrested Thursday at his home in Wewoka after a male student accused … Read more

Who Is Brannon Woodrow Cockerham? Sylacauga High Arrest

Brannon Woodrow Cockerham is a 40 year old man from Birmingham, Alabama. Cockerham was a teacher at Sylacauga High School. Police have accused Cockerham of having an inappropriate relationship with a 16 year old girl. Brannon Woodrow Cockerham Allegations Brannon Woodrow Cockerham Arrested. “40-year-old teacher and assistant coach at Sylacauga High School has been arrested … Read more

Who Is David DePape? Nancy Pelosi Attack Suspect

David DePape is a 42 year old man from Berkley, California. Police have alleged that DePape is the man who attacked Paul Pelosi, husband to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in their San Francisco home. David DePape Arrest Details David DePape Arrested, Was Right Wing Extremist. “.@SFPD identified the alleged attacker as 42-year-old David … Read more

Who Is Louis Carusone? Brighton High Teacher Arrest

Louis Carusone is a 44 year old man from Webster, New York. Carusone was a teacher at Brighton High School. Police have accused Carusone of receiving and possessing illicit material. Louis Carusone Arrest Details Louis Carusone Arrested. “U.S. Attorney Trini E. Ross announced today that Louis Carusone, 44, of Webster, NY, was arrested and charged … Read more

Who Is Neal Beaver? Chappell Schools Criminal Case

Neal Beaver is a man from St. Johns County, Florida. Beaver was a teacher at Chappell Schools. Police issued an arrest warrant for Beaver in connection to an assault investigation. Neal Beaver Allegations Neal Beaver Arrest Warrant Issued. “News4JAX on Thursday obtained an additional report for Neal Beaver. The 45-page incident report notes that Beaver … Read more

Who Is Joel Alfredo Hernandez? Clown Crime Spree

Joel Alfredo Hernandez is a 22 year old man from Victorville, California. Police have accused Hernandez of multiple crimes allegedly occurring while he worse a Pennywise clown mask. Joel Alfredo Hernandez Arrest Details Joel Alfredo Hernandez Arrested For Alleged Clown Crimes. “Dressed in a spooky Pennywise clown mask, Joel Alfredo Hernandez was arrested for allegedly … Read more

Who Is Lindsey M. Westerfield? Cascade Christian High Teacher Arrest

Lindsey M. Westerfield is a 30 year old woman from Puyallup, Washington. She was a teacher at Cascade Christian High School. Police have accused Westerfield of having an inappropriate relationship with a student at the school. Lindsey M. Westerfield Arrest Details Lindsey M. Westerfield Arrested. “On Tuesday, Prosecutors charged 30-year-old Lindsey M. Westerfield, a teacher … Read more

Who Is Stephen Eugene Thai? San Jose Teacher Arrest

Stephen Eugene Thai is a 33 year old man from San Jose, California. He worked as a teacher at an elementary school in Santa Clara County. Police have accused Thai of assaulting two minors under the age of 14. Stephen Eugene Thai Arrest Details Stephen Eugene Thai Arrested, Accused Of Assault. “Sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday … Read more