Who Is Joel Alfredo Hernandez? Clown Crime Spree

Joel Alfredo Hernandez is a 22 year old man from Victorville, California. Police have accused Hernandez of multiple crimes allegedly occurring while he worse a Pennywise clown mask. Joel Alfredo Hernandez Arrest Details Joel Alfredo Hernandez Arrested For Alleged Clown Crimes. “Dressed in a spooky Pennywise clown mask, Joel Alfredo Hernandez was arrested for allegedly … Read more

Who Is Lindsey M. Westerfield? Cascade Christian High Teacher Arrest

Lindsey M. Westerfield is a 30 year old woman from Puyallup, Washington. She was a teacher at Cascade Christian High School. Police have accused Westerfield of having an inappropriate relationship with a student at the school. Lindsey M. Westerfield Arrest Details Lindsey M. Westerfield Arrested. “On Tuesday, Prosecutors charged 30-year-old Lindsey M. Westerfield, a teacher … Read more

Who Is Francisco Deliu? Gay Pride Flag Lawsuit

Francisco Deliu is a man from West Palm Beach, Florida. Deliu filed a lawsuit against the School District of Palm Beach County complaining that a teacher put LGBTQ pride flags in a classroom. Francisco Deliu Lawsuit Details Francisco Deliu Sued School District Over Pride Flags. “Deliu filed a lawsuit on Oct. 12 against the school … Read more

Who Is Stephen Eugene Thai? San Jose Teacher Arrest

Stephen Eugene Thai is a 33 year old man from San Jose, California. He worked as a teacher at an elementary school in Santa Clara County. Police have accused Thai of assaulting two minors under the age of 14. Stephen Eugene Thai Arrest Details Stephen Eugene Thai Arrested, Accused Of Assault. “Sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday … Read more

Who Is Paige Ehlers? Chiefland FL Teacher Arrest

Paige Ehlers is a 27 year old woman from Chiefland, Florida. She worked as a teacher at Chiefland Elementary School. Police have accused Ehlers of having a firearm on the grounds of her school. Paige Ehlers Arrest Details Paige Ehlers Arrested, Accused Of Gun Possession. “A Levy County Sheriff’s Office School Resource deputy arrested 27-year-old … Read more

Who Is Bryce David Olsen? Mesa AZ Pediatrician Arrest

Bryce David Olsen is a man from Mesa, Arizona. Olsen has identified himself as a pediatrician who works at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa. Police have accused Olsen of attempting to solicit an underage girl. Bryce David Olsen Arrest Details Bryce David Olsen Arrested. “On October 11, an undercover officer working in an online … Read more

Who Is Hend Bustami? Las Vegas Murder Case

Hend Bustami  is a 28 year old woman from Las Vegas, Nevada. Bustami has been accused by police of killing her mother. According to reports, Bustami previously told police that she was too good looking to be arrested. Hend Bustami Arrest Details Hend Bustami Arrested, Accused Of Murder. “On October 26, 2022, at approximately 2:34 … Read more

Who Is Lindsey Blake Puryear? Brookside Christian Teacher Arrest

Lindsey Blake Puryear is a 20 year old woman from Dunn, North Carolina. She was a student teacher at Brookside Christian Academy. Police have accused Puryear of exchanging inappropriate messages with a student. Lindsey Blake Puryear Allegations Lindsey Blake Puryear Arrested. “Sampson County Sheriff Jimm Thornton said that his office was notified on Sept. 20 … Read more

Who Is Keil Hileman? Monticello Trails Teacher Arrest

Keil Hileman is a 53 year old man from Kansas City, Missouri. He was a teacher at Monticello Trails Middle School. Police have accused Hileman of having an inappropriate relationship with a student at the school. Keil Hileman Allegations Keil Hileman Arrested, Accused Of Inappropriate Relationship. “Keil Hileman, 53, who taught at Monticello Trails Middle … Read more

Who Is James Setterholm? Aliso Niguel High Arrest

James Setterholm is a 69 year old man from Aliso Viejo, California. He was a substitute teacher at Aliso Niguel High School. Police have accused Setterholm of making a threat against students. James Setterholm Allegations James Setterholm Arrested, Accused Of Threats Vs Students. “James Setterholm, 69, a substitute at Aliso Niguel High School, was taken … Read more