A Timeline Of Nonsense Conservatives Believe In 2018

Here is just a sampling of the things you must believe if you are a conservative involved in American politics in 2018:

Bill and Hillary Clinton entered into an unholy pact to make her president, nearly 50 years before she officially announced her plan to run.

In the meantime, the Clintons had hundreds of people killed as they clawed their way to the top.

Barack Obama’s parents planted a birth notice in the Hawaiian newspapers, knowing full well that he was born in Kenya – his real father was of course avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis. Davis tutored young Barack in the tenets of communism, including teaching him how to fake a Harvard degree since nobody saw him at the school.

Obama was installed as president thanks to financier George Soros, who engineered the controlled collapse of the global financial market in the housing crisis. We know this because Democrats voted for it and hypnotized George W. Bush into not vetoing their evil legislation.

Despite this meticulous planning the 2008 election was still close, which showed the need to have ACORN submit fraudulent votes on behalf of made-up figures to push Obama over the top by the razor-thin margin of 10 million+ votes.

Also, Obama repeatedly used hypnotism to mesmerize crowds of young voters who he also fooled into believing he was a moderate while harboring communist beliefs.

As president, Obama illegally rammed through health care reform, socializing American medicine but pretending merely to involve multimillion-dollar private insurance carriers.

Throughout his presidency, Obama repeatedly stoked racial resentment through the existence of his black skin.

In 2016, Clinton used wiccan magic to help her steal the election with 3 million illegal votes. This plot was thwarted by Trump’s animal magnetism.

This narrow loss prompted Obama and Clinton to create the Deep State, a clandestine organization burrowed within the U.S. government to undermine Trump.

Meanwhile, Democrats created Antifa, a rogue outside terrorist group designed to attack and destabilize the right.

Antifa played a vital role in creating the brush fires in California, which were a transparent ploy to distract national media attention from the plot to stuff ballot boxes in Florida.

It is unclear why Clinton did not initiate the ballot-stuffing in Florida when she was on the ballot in 2016.

Also, George Soros bankrolled the caravan consisting of immigrants who are undercover MS-13 agents and people infected with 19th century diseases they hope to give to white people.

In the caravan a team of near-birth mothers intends to sneak across the border and give birth to babies that will be granted immediate citizenship. The idea is to have these babies grow up into Democratic voters,so they can socialize the entire U.S. government.

IF this sounds ridiculous and overly complicated… it is.

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