Pence Desperately Swings At Biden/Harris With Meat War Claim

Mike Pence, down in the polls with running mate Donald Trump, launched a strange new line of attack against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Meat.

Appearing at a campaign stop on August 12, Pence claimed that the Democrats have gone to war against meat.

“Senator Kamala Harris said she would change the dietary guidelines of this country to reduce the amount of red meat Americans can eat,” Pence said. “Well I’ve got some red meat for you: We’re not going to let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cut America’s meat.”

There is no plan by Democrats to cut anybody’s meat.

Democrats have said, however, that they plan to cut down the massive number of Americans that have found themselves unemployed after Trump/Pence mishandled the coronavirus.

The strange meat line is the latest in a series of bizarre and haphazard attacks on the Democratic ticket since Biden announced Harris would be his running mate.

Recent polling has found widespread Democratic support for Harris’ selection, while chatter about Trump removing Pence has persisted for years.

Trump and Pence are currently behind the Democratic duo in every major election poll.

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