Trump Requests Mail-In Ballots For Himself While Trying To Destroy Post Office

Donald Trump has requested mail-in ballots for himself and Melania Trump.

“President Trump and Melania Trump have requested mail-in ballots for Florida’s primary election on Tuesday, according to records on the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website,” CNN’s Jim Sciutto reported. “Records show the ballots were mailed yesterday to Mar-a-Lago.”

The news comes as Trump is in the middle of a series of inaccurate and deceptive attacks on mail-in voting. As millions have turned to mail-in voting during the pandemic, Trump and his team have been falsely claiming that mail-in voting is unsafe and open to fraud.

At the same time, Trump’s recently installed postmaster general Louis DeJoy is sabotaging the mail service.

The service has banned employees from working overtime and from making extra trips to deliver mail — even though the service is going to be heavily used to deliver ballots across the country.

The mail service has also been deactivating mail sorting machines despite the upcoming surge.

“The United States Postal Service is removing mail sorting machines from facilities around the country without any official explanation or reason given,” Motherboard reported.

Trump has previously voted by mail from Florida without complaining about it, as have others in his inner circle including his daughter Ivanka.

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