Lindsey Graham’s Not Compromised, He Just Sucks

It is an article of faith among many liberals that Donald Trump has “something” on Lindsey Graham.

This is invoked as an explanation for why, after slagging Trump during the 2016 primaries, Graham has so thoroughly attached himself to Trump’s underside like a barnacle with a southern twang. The thought is that either on his own or via Russia, Trump has compromising information, or “kompromat” on Graham to keep him in check. The obvious “secret” is that it pertains to rumors about Graham’s sexuality.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

First off, it’s 2020 and even in Republican circles, revelations about Graham, unless it involves something illegal or non-consensual, are unlikely to cause any great waves, even among Republicans.

But mostly it’s because Lindsey Graham has always sucked. While he has something of an affable personality, Graham has always been a supporter of the worst things in American politics. His friendship with Sen. John McCain was based around their mutual love of declaring war on countries with brown people, and Graham is a doctrinaire Republican on issues like taxation and spending.

Graham climbed his way up to the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee by being one of the right-wing warriors during the Gingrich era in the House, and he was one of the Republican impeachment managers who sought to overturn the results of the 1992/96 elections by removing Clinton for an affair.

I don’t buy the idea that Republicans stink because Trump and/or the Russians have secret files on them. I think they suck, they’ve always sucked, and they’ll continue to suck. There’s never been a need for foreign interference on that front. Republicans sucking is as American as Apple Pie.

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