4Chan Nonsense Is Stupid, And People Believe It

A Republican official repeated and amplified a completely fabricated 4Chan story about the Supreme Court supposedly arguing about Trump’s fraudulent election cases.

The story was obviously false if you read it for half a second, but this doesn’t stop conservatives from buying the lies hook, line, and sinker.

A few years ago, I was the subject of one of these stories. According to a random poster at either 4Chan or 8Chan posing to work at my employer, I was the head of the left, orchestrating left-wing attacks from in front of a whiteboard in a meeting I conducted every morning.

The problem with this story is that at the time, my employer was completely virtual and we didn’t have any offices or a whiteboard, I was not the boss of the company, and I’ve never had millions of dollars at my disposal to tell “The Left” who to attack (It would be cool though). The entire thing was made up.

Still, people believed it and I got tweets and messages attacking me, citing my supposed position. The thing is, I still get attacked on this front, and it’s been years. Again, the whole thing was fabricated.

But people want to believe stupid things.

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