Trump Doesn’t Care About America’s Crises Because He Isn’t Normal

Donald Trump doesn’t care that thousands of Americans are dying every day from COVID and that Congress can’t agree on a rescue package. He doesn’t care about how Russia hacked multiple agencies. He doesn’t care about any of the serious issues affecting millions of Americans and billions across the world.

Because he isn’t normal.

Trump has never been normal. He’s a thoroughly bizarre, weird, and twisted individual who doesn’t see events through anything resembling a normal lens. Even in the world of psychopathic political figures, he isn’t a normal guy.

Yet, despite all of this, the mainstream American press has continued to ask for four-plus years when will Trump start acting normally. At any given moment since he started running for office and especially since he took the presidency, they keep asking if he will act normal now?

But it is never going to happen. Trump doesn’t have that chip in him, he’s not capable of acting like a normal human being. He can’t even operate like a normal businessman, husband, or father – witness how he speaks about his sons, his daughters, or his fake enterprises – how could he possibly act like a normal president?

Trump cares about his own ego, his TV ratings, and that’s about it. There is no deep mystery to him, no “there” there at all. He exists on the surface, unable to play any sort of long game or to hold any cards close to his vest. He just is.

The huge problems attacking America don’t matter to him because they don’t personally affect him. So he doesn’t care and he doesn’t speak about them. The COVID death toll could triple, unless he’s dead it doesn’t matter to him. The businesses suffering aren’t his sleazy operations and his bank account isn’t affected, so he doesn’t care. And he doesn’t have the political knowledge or acumen to even pretend to care.

He won’t be normal because he can’t be normal. He’s going to be that guy until he’s six feet under.

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