Isaac Julio Becker: Navy Seaman Accused Of Sexual Assault

Isaac Julio Becker, a 21 year old Navy seaman from Palm Coast, Florida, has been accused of multiple acts of rape against a minor.

Becker  Arrested And Charged. “In 2017, Becker is accused of binding the girl’s hands and putting his hand over her mouth to prevent her from calling for help as her raped her. In 2019, he is accused of forcing the girl’s face into a pillow to the point of near-suffocation while he held her arms behind her back and raped her. In both instances, his arrest report states, Becker “admitted to sexually battering the victim,” through investigative techniques the arrest report does not disclose. Typically, those techniques involved “controlled,” recorded phone calls or electronic communications between the victim and the defendant.” [Flagler Live]

Victim Says Becker Assaulted Her For Years. “The victim disclosed multiple incidents of violent sexual battery between 2017 and 2019, when she was between the ages of 13 and 15. She also reported that Becker would forcibly restrain her and prevent from calling for help during the assaults.” [Palm Coast Observer]

Becker Arrested In Virginia, Confessed. “”Last Friday, FCSO Detectives traveled to Virginia, where Becker was reportedly residing and took him into custody. He subsequently confessed to the crimes, according to deputies.” [First Coast News]

Sheriff: “This Is A Sick Individual.” ““This is a sick individual who needs to spend the rest of his life in prison,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “We pray the victim receives the emotional support and counseling she needs to help her recovery from the trauma of these attacks. Great work by our detectives in building a strong case and working hard to bring justice to this victim and proof that you can’t hide as we will find you.” ” [Flagler County Sheriff]

Isaac Julio Becker Photos

Isaac Julio Becker Mugshot
Isaac Julio Becker Mugshot

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