Kolby Parker: Ear Cutting Murder: Photos & Facts

Kolby Parker, a 30 year old man in DeLand, Florida, has been arrested for allegedly killing his grandfather in Lake County, cutting off his ears, and putting them in his pockets.

Parker Arrested For Homicide. “Lake County sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported stabbing Saturday evening at approximately 6:40 p.m. at a residence located at 44721 Lake Mack Drive in DeLand. The suspect, 30-year-old Kolby Allen Parker, initially reported to deputies that he was attacked by his 77-year-old grandfather, Ronal Wells, Sr., who also resided at the residence with Parker. Parker initially claimed the two were smoking marijuana together and a confrontation began, at which time he said Wells came at him with a knife. Parker stated he was able to disarm Wells and use the knife against him.” [Lake County Sheriff’s Office]

Parker Confessed To Murder. “Officials said Parker later confessed to hitting his grandfather multiple times in the head with the baseball bat and stabbing him with the butcher knife several times. Investigators said Parker also admitted to cutting off his grandfather’s ears and saying he wanted his grandfather to be with his dead grandmother.” [Fox 35]

Bloody Baseball Bat, Butcher Knife Found At Scene. “Detectives arrived on scene to further the investigation, during which time they executed a search warrant for the property. Detectives located a baseball bat in the corner of the porch with what appeared to be blood-like stains, as well as a large butcher knife on the kitchen table and dripped blood on the kitchen floor. Parker later confessed to striking his grandfather multiple times in the head with the baseball bat and then stabbing him with the butcher knife numerous times.” [Lake County Sheriff’s Office]

Parker Pulled Ears Out Of His Pocket. “Then Parker pulled out two human ears, holding one in each palm for the officers to see, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said in arrest report. Police soon confirmed the ears belonged to his 77-year-old grandfather, Ronal Wells Sr., and said Parker had beaten, stabbed, and mutilated Wells after the pair got into a fight while smoking marijuana.” [Washington Post]

“Family Butcher” Apron Found At Scene. “In another gruesome detail, investigators said they found an apron in Parker’s bedroom that had the phrase “The Family Butcher” printed on it and plastic, bloody human ears attached to it.” [NY Post]

Kolby Parker Photos

Kolby Parker Mugshot
Kolby Parker Mugshot

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