Congressman Slams GOP For Trying To Turn Woman Who Attacked Capitol Into ‘Martyr’

A Democratic congressman took Republicans to task for turning one of the January 6 Capitol attackers into a martyr.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr (D-NJ) had harsh words for Republicans now praising Ashli Babbitt.

“I just want to say that the woman who was shot at the Capitol on Jan 6 was a rioting terrorist trying to break down a door,” Pascrell wrote. “It’s on tape! Republicans’ attempts to turn her into a martyr are lies and disgusting and I won’t have it.”

Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer as she and other pro-Trump rioters tried to breach the building and overturn the presidential election.

The attackers made clear that they sought to stop counting votes in the election which certified the win by President Joe Biden.

The Capitol Police investigated the Babbitt shooting and found that it was justified.

Since January 6, multiple Republicans have attempted to invoke the incident to garner sympathy for Babbitt and other attackers. Recently Donald Trump released a press release stoking the fires of controversy about Babbitt, asking for the disclosure of the officer who shot her.

Many pointed out that releasing the officer’s identity would subject them to possible harassment and violence, along with endangering the safety of their family.

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