Sexual Harassment Claims Rock Pro-Trump Arizona ‘Audit’

Claims of sexual harassment are the latest controversy to hit the so-called “audit” of the 2020 election taking place in Arizona.

Arizona’s Family Investigates reveals in a blockbuster report that several women who worked on the process say they endured harassment for weeks at the site.

One woman told the outlet about an alleged offender, “Any time he would come across someone he considered attractive or a woman, he would harass them, things like trying to demand dates, things like making sexual comments.”

“He commented, ‘You showing off your butt?’,” another woman said, speaking about the same alleged offender.

Others are also accused of harassment at the audit site.

President Joe Biden won Arizona’s electoral votes in the 2020 contest, defeating Donald Trump in a state he and other Republicans have won for years.

The so-called “audit” of the state’s votes comes after other nonpartisan investigations and audits have shown that Biden’s win was clearly legitimate.

The process of insisting on audits, despite the clear result, has been described as a “fraudit” by some observers and an attempt to overturn the legitimate election results that led to the Biden presidency.

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