Who Is Francisco Deliu? Gay Pride Flag Lawsuit

Francisco Deliu is a man from West Palm Beach, Florida. Deliu filed a lawsuit against the School District of Palm Beach County complaining that a teacher put LGBTQ pride flags in a classroom. Francisco Deliu Lawsuit Details Francisco Deliu Sued School District Over Pride Flags. “Deliu filed a lawsuit on Oct. 12 against the school … Read more

Hedge Fund Billionaire Ken Griffin Becomes GOP Election Sugar Daddy

Ken Griffin, the billionaire CEO of mega-hedge fund Citadel has become a major donor to the Republican Party, donating $100 million towards the right-wing attempt to win the 2022 midterm elections. Griffin’s big bucks have led to him becoming the third biggest donor to political candidates in the 2022 election cycle. If Griffin has his … Read more

Biden Sanctions North Korea Helpers Over Crazed Missile Launch, Doesn’t Cower Like Trump

The Biden administration is sanctioning entities who helped North Korea pull of a recent missile launch over Japan, instead of cowering before the rogue nation like Donald Trump once did. In a release from the Department of Treasury, the administration announced the new move: “Today’s actions target Singapore-based Kwek Kee Seng, Taiwan-based Chen Shih Huan, … Read more

Secret Documents Reveal GOP Begged For Biden Infrastructure Cash They Called Socialism

A new report from CNN reveals how Republicans groveled, begging the Biden administration for infrastructure money they blasted as “socialism.” Documents unearthed by the network show Rep Tom Emmer (R-MN) pleading with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for funds, even admitting “this grant also strives to serve as a social justice measure.” For months Republicans said … Read more

Fox News Host Mark Levin Issues Threat To Jan 6 Committee

Fox News host Mark Levin revealed a threat to the congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol during his radio show. (via Media Matters) MARK LEVIN (HOST): How the hell did the federal government get thirteen of my emails? I never got a subpoena. I was never given notice. And there’s … Read more

White House Slams OPEC For Gas Price Hike

The Biden administration is slamming OPEC for their decision to cut gas supplies and raise global gas prices. Statement from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and NEC Director Brian Deese “The President is disappointed by the shortsighted decision by OPEC+ to cut production quotas while the global economy is dealing with the continued negative impact … Read more

Creep GOP Pundit Matt Walsh Wants Teen Girls Impregnated

A newly unearthed rant from conservative pundit Matt Walsh calls for teenage girls to be impregnated. Matt Walsh advocates for the impregnation of girls as young as 16 because it's "technically when they're at their most fertile" in a newly unearthed rant about how teenage pregnancy isn't "the problem it's unwed pregnancy that's the problem … Read more

Oklahoma GOP Holds Federal Money Hostage, Demands Hospital Stop Helping Transgender Kids

Oklahoma Republicans are holding up federal money while demanding that a hospital stop helping transgender kids. “When Oklahoma lawmakers met last week to distribute more than $108 million in federal pandemic relief funds for one of the state’s largest hospital systems, many expected a routine vote in favor of upgrading its medical records and a … Read more