Who Is Bryce David Olsen? Mesa AZ Pediatrician Arrest

Bryce David Olsen
Bryce David Olsen

Bryce David Olsen is a man from Mesa, Arizona. Olsen has identified himself as a pediatrician who works at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa. Police have accused Olsen of attempting to solicit an underage girl.

Bryce David Olsen Arrest Details

Bryce David Olsen Arrested. “On October 11, an undercover officer working in an online capacity was messaged by a user on a dating app. The two agreed to move their chat to a different online platform where police say the account on the other end displayed the name Bryce Olsen. During their conversation, the undercover officer told Olsen that they were 15 years old to which Olsen acknowledged and asked for the officer’s birth date, documents stated. As they continued chatting, authorities say Olsen made comments that were sexual in nature in reference to what he wanted to do with the undercover officer.” [ABC 15]

Police: Olsen Wanted To “Cuddle” With Teen. “Court paperwork says Olsen said he wanted to “cuddle” with the teen and began talking about sex. He reportedly said he “had been tested and was clean” from sexually transmitted diseases. Olsen then offered sex and asked questions about the “teen’s” genitalia, investigators said. A meeting area was set up at Arizona Mills, and Olsen reportedly told the officer he would be arriving at the mall soon. Olsen then asked the “teen” where they would be. Olsen described his car, and police tracked him down and arrested him.” [AZ Family]

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