Who Is Paige Ehlers? Chiefland FL Teacher Arrest

Paige Ehlers
Paige Ehlers

Paige Ehlers is a 27 year old woman from Chiefland, Florida. She worked as a teacher at Chiefland Elementary School. Police have accused Ehlers of having a firearm on the grounds of her school.

Paige Ehlers Arrest Details

Paige Ehlers Arrested, Accused Of Gun Possession. “A Levy County Sheriff’s Office School Resource deputy arrested 27-year-old Paige Ehlers after the gun was found inside her vehicle during school hours, according to Tummond. Two fourth grade students, ages 9 and 10, were the ones who discovered the weapon after Ehlers sent the children outside to the car to get a medication for her. Tummond said the students notified other school employees who then reached out to the resource officer.” [CCC]

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