Trump Leads America To Over 5 Million COVID-19 Infections

Under Donald Trump’s leadership the United States has suffered over 5 million COVID-19 infections, new data reveals.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering, the newly released information paints a picture of infection gone out of control, surpassing every other country in the world.

Over 162,430 people in America have died of the viral infection on Trump’s watch.

The death toll has surpassed other American tragedies like the 9/11 attacks and is nearly 4 times the U.S. death toll in the Vietnam War.

Infections spread from coast to coast after Trump promised in the early days of the pandemic that the virus would simply “go away.”

Even as the death toll has surged to historic heights, Trump has continued to insist that things are improving and that “it is what it is.”

Trump has pushed for the reopening of schools and businesses, which could lead to even more infections and deaths.

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