Cardi B Mocks Right-Wing Attempt To Cancel ‘WAP’ Song

Music superstar Cardi B doesn’t think much of Republicans who are lashing out at her chart-topping new single, “WAP.”

“THIS IS KINDA ICONIC AND IM LIVING FOR IT,” Cardi B tweeted in response to an story detailing the right’s outrage.

Several Republican candidates for office had tweeted their displeasure, with at least one demanding that the sexually explicit song be “banned.”

The song, which features rapper Megan Thee Stallion, has gone on to rack up more YouTube views and airplay across the world’s top streaming services. “WAP” is currently number one on the US Google Play chart, #1 on Apple Music, and an additional 10 million YouTube views were added to “WAP” since the story’s publication for a total of 49.5 million.

Cancellation of the song seems unlikely, and the Republican backlash has likely led to much wider exposure for the single.



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