Trump Responds To 1400+ COVID-19 Deaths With TV Ratings Rant

On August 12, over 1,400 Americans died of COVID-19 and Donald Trump responded by ranting about the ratings of cable news shows.

“At least 1,468 new coronavirus deaths and 53,758 new cases were reported in the United States on Aug. 12.,” the New York Times reported.

The deaths raised the national death toll to over 165,936. More than 5.2 million Americans have been infected by COVID-19, the most of any country in the world even though only 4% of the world’s population lives in the United States.

“Very poor morning TV ratings for MSDNC’s Morning Joe, headed by a complete Psycho named Joe Scarborough and his ditzy airhead wife, Mika, and also @CNN, headed by complete unknowns,” Trump wrote in response to the ongoing national tragedy the next morning.

Trump had good words for his allies at Fox News, who attack his perceived enemies and try to hide many of his shortcomings.

“Congratulations to @foxandfriends on dominating the mornings (thank you President Trump!),” Trump replied.

Trump has mishandled the viral outbreak, downplayed it, and has continued to make a series of poor decisions that have contributed to an American death toll higher than the Vietnam War.

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