Trump Calls On Racist Right-Wing Newspaper For First Question On Kamala Harris Nomination

Donald Trump called on a racist right-wing newspaper to ask him the first question about Kamala Harris’ vice presidential nomination.

During his White House press briefing, Trump called on Steven Nelson of the New York Post. Nelson then quickly offered up to Trump a rambling question attempting to frame Harris as a liar for comments she made months ago during a radio appearance.

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale quickly pointed out that Nelson’s question was “based on a false premise that Harris ‘lied’ during the primary about listening to Tupac.”

Steven Nelson, NY Post
Steven Nelson, NY Post

Nelson previously raised his profile by asking Trump about the reality TV show “Tiger King,” using his time during the press briefing to avoid a serious question and instead query Trump about pardoning the show’s star Joe Exotic.

The New York Post is owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News. The NY Post has been a reliably conservative outlet for decades and has frequently attacked prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

It was during one of those attacks on Barack Obama that the Post printed a racist cartoon.

The 2009 cartoon showed a chimpanzee that had been shot dead by a police officer. One of the police officers said in the caption, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

The cartoon was published at the same time President Barack Obama was working to pass the Recovery Act, more commonly known as the stimulus bill.

Many pointed out that the caption and the use of a chimpanzee was a commentary on President Obama, the first black president of the United States.

The cartoonist, Sean Delonas, had come under fire before for other bigoted work and had been described as “the Picasso of prejudice.”

A few months later, the Post fired an editor who had been critical of the racist cartoon.

The editor, Sandra Guzman, sued the Post, alleging racist or sexist conduct at the paper. The Post later settled the lawsuit.

In 2012, Post columnist Phil Mushnick suggested that rapper Jay-Z rename the Brooklyn Nets the “New York N*****s.”

In 2014, the Post depicted pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, who is Japanese, flying in an airplane similar to the planes that bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941 after he joined the New York Yankees.

In 2019, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) slammed the Post after it used a cover image to attack Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI), attempting to connect the congresswoman, who is Muslim, to the 9/11 attacks.

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