GOP Governor Allows Billionaire Donor To Use National Guard As Anti-Immigrant Militia

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican, has allowed a billionaire Republican donor to use the National Guard in her state as an anti-immigrant militia.

Noem has sent the National Guard, who is supposed to be on hand for disaster relief, preserving security, and other official functions, to the southern border. Noem’s deployment comes as Republican governors attack the immigration reforms put in place by the Biden administration.

The deployment of the National Guard was financed by Republican billionaire Willis Johnson. Johnson over the years has donated thousands to the party and in that role, financed its anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.

Noem’s deployment raises questions as to whether the Republican governor has made this extraordinary move before and if she sees the men and women in the National Guard as mercenaries or prop pieces that should be used as messengers for the party’s anti-immigrant ideas.


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