Racist Fox Host Tucker Carlson Pushes NSA Spying Conspiracy

Fox News host, a repeat racist who uses his program to attack Blacks and Latinos, is now claiming that the NSA is spying on him. In a paranoid, conspiratorial rant on consecutive nights, Carlson has claimed without evidence that the intelligence agency is eavesdropping on him.

Carlson’s allegations come as the right-wing media flails for a way to attack the administration of President Joe Biden, who remains a popular political figure six months after his successful presidential campaign against Donald Trump. During his failed one-term presidency, Carlson often promoted Trump — particularly his virulent anti-immigrant policies. Biden’s win in multiple states and in the popular vote largely repudiated the anti-immigrant message of so much of Carlson’s programming and may be the motivation behind his NSA conspiracy.

The NSA itself denied Carlson’s allegations in a tweet, an unusually public statement for the secretive agency.

Fox News was launched in 1996 by former Richard Nixon aide Roger Ailes, who repeatedly sexually harassed and assaulted women. The network has been the source of decades of lies and smears of Democrats and progressives and it has never strayed from that agenda.

Many Democrats, progressives, and independents have expressed skepticism of Carlson’s allegations, citing his frequent history of making up claims and smears of others. Carlson has an unreliable track record as a political pundit and many have said this is a red flag to consider while hearing his NSA conspiracy theory.

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