Clear Momentum For John McCain

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007, Mitt Romney’s unofficial shill in the right-wing blogosphere Hugh Hewitt declares: “McCain Campaign On The Rocks”.

Of course, most observers will realize that Hewitt has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and in fact if you were a betting man or woman you should put money on John McCain as the GOP nominee based on Hugh Hewitt’s ability to predict the political future (and people are).

Track Record:

Hugh Hewitt, 11/5/06

Whatever the reason, the optimism among Republicans about their improving prospects is as real as the GOP’s momentum. Both houses of Congress could go either way, but Democrats are beginning to understand what it meant to a Browns fan to hear, “Elway in the shotgun as the clock begins to tick down…”


Hugh Hewitt, 11/6/06

The bottom line: Good momentum in most places,a surprising surge in Michigan, hope for Santorum and DeWine. Much much more. Listen or read.


Hugh Hewitt, 11/6/06

Signing off for the night as I will be up early looking for the first wave of Beltway-Manhattan media machine reports of doom for the Republicans and waves for the Democrats.

Don’t believe a word of it.


Hugh Hewitt, 11/6/06

That’s why the wind changed, btw: The GOP remains the mostly serious party and the Dems the almost always silly party. Voters have always known that, but as the election approached, began to consider what control by the mostly silly party would mean. The GOP has always pushed the “elections are a choice” theme, and the reality of that perspective’s impact is seen in the numbers Mehlman cites.


Hugh Hewitt, 11/7/06

I’m alone no longer. Geraghty the Indispensable, responding to Obi Wan Kenobi’s prodding, also senses the oncoming Republican wave. Add to Obi Wan’s poll analysis an unprecedented GOP GOTV effort, and I’m feeling really good.


Of course, homegamers will remember the results of Hewitt’s predictions:

Democrats wrested control of the Senate from Republicans Wednesday with an upset victory in Virginia, giving the party complete domination of Capitol Hill for the first time since 1994, as NBC News reported that Democrat Jim Webb was the apparent winner.

Totally, completely, wrong. In the run-up to the election Hugh Hewitt either chose to believe his own b.s. over the evidence available in poll after poll, or was just making sh*t up. Either way, a clear sign of momentum for Old Man McCain is Hewitt saying the opposite.

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