How Did Pava LaPere Die? Ecomap CEO Murder

Pava LaPere was a 26 year old woman from Baltimore, Maryland. LaPere was the CEO and founder of EcoMap Technologies. LaPere was found dead with blunt force trauma woods in an apartment building in Baltimore. Pava LaPere Death Details Pava LaPere Found Murdered. “Police found Pava LaPere dead after responding to a call for service … Read more

Who Is Zachary Ray? Wynnewood PA Coach Arrest

Zachary Ray is a 31 year old man from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Ray worked as a basketball coach and trainer. Police have accused Ray of abusing three girls that he worked with. Zachary Ray Allegations Zachary Ray Arrested, Accused Of Abuse. “Zachary Ray, 31 of Wynnewood, is facing multiple counts of child sexual abuse in Chester … Read more

Who Is Matthew Swajkowski? Verona High School Teacher Arrest

Matthew Swajkowski is a 36 year old man from Verona, New Jersey. He worked as a teacher at Verona High School. Police have accused Swajkowski of assaulting a juvenile. Matthew Swajkowski Allegations Matthew Swajkowski Arrested. “Matthew Swajkowski, 36, of Verona, was taken into custody on Friday and is accused of engaging “in sexually inappropriate conduct … Read more

Who Is Sean Boyd? Canby Oregon Football Coach Arrest

Sean Boyd is a 41 year old man from Canby, Oregon. Boyd worked as a youth football coach. Police have accused Boyd of assaulting a 13 year old girl in Wasco County, Oregon. Sean Boyd Allegations Sean Boyd Arrested. “Sean Boyd, 41, is accused of “fondling” a 13-year-old girl in Wasco County last month. He … Read more

Who Is Steven Lester Woods? Kansas City Murder Case

Steven Lester Woods is a man from Kansas City, Missouri. He worked as a teacher at Maple Elementary School in the Smithville School District. Police have accused Woods of murdering his stepson, Joseph Michael Bonacorso. Steven Lester Woods Allegations Steven Lester Woods Arrested For Murder. “Steven Lester Woods has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree … Read more

Who Is Michelle Nicole Hidalgo? Antioch Nanny Arrest

Michelle Nicole Hidalgo is a 28 year old woman from Antioch, California. Hidalgo worked as a nanny. Police have accused Hidalgo of producing illicit CP involving a child she was taking care of. Michelle Nicole Hidalgo Arrest Details Michelle Nicole Hidalgo Arrested. “The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office said 28-year-old Michelle Nicole Hidalgo was … Read more

Who Is Sarah Duncan? Helfrich Park STEM Academy Arrest

Sarah Jayne Duncan is a 35 year old woman from Evansville, Indiana. She is a teacher at Helfrich Park STEM Academy. Police have accused Duncan of having meth at school and hiding it inside a hair scrunchie. Sarah Duncan Allegations Sarah Duncan Arrested, Meth Involved. “Sarah Duncan, 35, allegedly took a picture during an event … Read more

Who Is Andrew Taylor Wood? US Navy Submariner Arrest

Andrew Taylor Wood is a 25 year old man and a submariner for the US Navy. Police have accused Wood of possessing illicit CP material. Andrew Taylor Wood Arrest Details Andrew Taylor Wood Arrested. “A man in Guam indicted last week on federal charges of possessing, advertising, and transporting child pornography online is in fact … Read more

Who Was Azalea Rivas? Brooklyn Murder Case

Azalea Rivas was a woman from Brooklyn, New York. Rivas and her 14 year old daughter were found dead in East Flatbush. Police have been investigating the death as a possible murder-suicide. Azalea Rivas Death Details Azalea Rivas Found Dead With Daughter. “Mother and daughter were found dead along with the family dog inside their … Read more

Who Is Fred Cain III? Vallejo Murder Cold Case Arrest

Fred Cain III is a man from Oregon. Police have accused him of a cold case kidnapping and murder in Vallejo, California. Fred Cain III Allegations Cain Arrested, Accused Of Murder And Kidnapping. “On Monday, Fred Cain III was arrested in his Central Point, Oregon home after DNA evidence implicated him in the death of … Read more