Lloyd Oliver Willis Sr. AKA “Gitsy,” My Dad. 1948-2021

Lloyd Oliver Willis Sr. AKA Gitsy

His given name was Lloyd Oliver Willis. People called him Gitsy, Lloydie, and Lloyd – but I had the great honor of being the only person in the world to call him “Dad.” I’m the reason for the last 44 years he’s had to add a “Senior” to his name. Because I’m Lloyd Oliver Willis … Read more

Paulette Willis, 1951-2015, My Mom

Paulette Rosemarie Lowe-Willis

The world needs to know who Paulette Rosemarie Lowe-Willis was. She was my mommy, first of all, but she was also a kindhearted, loving, giving, sensitive, caring, intelligent, funny, brilliant woman. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to many. Sometimes when someone passes away, you have to dig deep to see what their … Read more

Pearl Lowe, My Grandma, 1926-2013

It’s hard for me to understand, emotionally, that my grandmother is gone. I understand it intellectually. She was 87, her body was failing, and was in home hospice care. But emotionally, I can’t comprehend that she’s gone. My grandmother has been a constant presence in my life since almost the day I was born. It … Read more

C.K.: November 22, 1999 – January 7, 2012

I lost my best friend today. C.K. was in my life for exactly 12 years, 2 weeks and a day. We first brought him home on December 23, 1999. He was so small, he fit in the palm of my hand. As a miniature dachshund, he never got really big, but at 15lbs now he … Read more

Vincent Lowe, My Grandfather. 1921-2011

My grandfather died Monday night, around 11pm in Georgia. My aunt and I were on our way to see him for the last time, but we were about half an hour too late. My grandfather’s name is Vincent Lowe, but I know him as “Nice Daddy.” My grandfather was born in Jamaica in 1921. He … Read more