Amelia Ressler, Teacher Arrested For Lewd School Video: Photos And Facts

Amelia Ressler, a  30-year-old substitute teacher in Carrollton, Georgia, has been arrested and accused of making a lewd and explicit video in front of a classroom of students.

Arrest Details

Ressler Arrested After Staff Alerted To Lewd Video. “On February 5, 2021 Carroll County Investigators were notified by staff at Mt. Zion Elementary School regarding allegations of misconduct by a substitute teacher. Through the course of the investigation, it was discovered Amelia Ressler, age 30 of Carrollton engaged in indecent and immoral acts while in the presence of school aged children and is being charged currently with 19 counts of child molestation and is currently in custody.” [Carroll County Sheriff’s Office]

Charged With 20 Counts Of Child Molestation. “A substitute teacher in Carroll County faces 20 counts child molestation after police were alerted by staffers at Mt. Zion Elementary School. Carroll County investigators said they were called about allegations of misconduct by substitute teacher Amelia Ressler, 30, of Carrollton. The Carroll County Sheriff’s office said video, taken by Ressler, showed her touching herself in front of her second grade class during school hours.” [CBS 46]

Allegedly Posted Video To Snapchat. “Ressler posted the 13-second masturbation video on Snapchat that led to her arrest, according to The Exposure, which obtained the video clip and information about it. The Georgia-based social media page also posted a screenshot of the video showing Ressler, wearing yoga pants and mittens, with her feet up on a desk. Another screenshot shows her hand between her legs.” [Heavy]

Police: Ressler’s Boyfriend Encouraged Her To Make Videos. “Brent Matthew Vadovsky, 32, of Carroll County, Georgia, was recently arrested and jailed on charges including 19 counts of child molestation in connection with explicit videos that his girlfriend, 30-year-old Amelia Ressler, allegedly took inside a classroom at Mt. Zion Elementary School earlier this year, according to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.” [WHDH]

Called Boyfriend “Soulmate” On Facebook. “Ressler, meanwhile, identifies herself as “beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, just all together a dazzling disaster” on her Facebook profile. She said Vadovsky was her “soulmate” in a post from October that hinted at discord between the pair. “No one else is gonna love him like me, and no [one] else comforts my soul like he did,” Ressler wrote. “We all deserve true love at least once in a lifetime … even if it’s just for a moment in time.”” [NY Post]

Teaching Background

Student Said They Played ‘Games’ When Ressler Was On Duty. “FOX 5 talked to one parent named Nicole whose daughter is in that second-grade class. “My daughter had been bragging about the substitute, said they were having lots of fun, they played a lot of games,” said Nicole.” [Fox 5]

Amelia Ressler Photos

Amelia Ressler Video

Video: Ressler makes her first appearance in court to be arraigned.

Ressler Appears In Court. “The judge barred the media from recording Ressler’s face at her first appearance hearing in a Carroll County Magistrate Court. An interesting order, considering Ressler’s mugshot has been published in the media coast to coast since her startling arrest last Friday.” [Fox 5]

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