Right-Wing Violence And Attacks: The Facts You Need To Know

Tracking incidents of right-wing violence across the United States. Pastor Dillon Awes, a conservative “Christian” pastor, said that all gay people should be executed. White nationalists in Dallas attempted to attack a drag show in a gay bar in Dallas, Texas during Pride month 2022. Oliver WillisOne of the first political bloggers in the world, … Read more

Capitol Riot Fallout

Tracking fallout from the January 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump. The House voted to fine members who do not abide by safety procedures to be fined $10,000. Fox News did not air the memorial service for Officer Brian Sicknick, who was killed in the attack. The event was attended … Read more

Proud Boys In 2021

Tracking developments with the white supremacist group Proud Boys in 2021. Terrorism Concerns Canada declared that the Proud Boys, along with other groups, are terrorists. Role In Jan 2021 Capitol Attack Reports indicate that the Proud Boys were motivated by revenge to attack the US Capitol. Ethan Nordean, aka Ruffio Panman, reportedly said during the … Read more

Riley June Williams: Facts You Need To Know

Riley June Williams

Riley June Williams is a Trump supporter who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 2021. Williams reportedly stole a laptop from the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and according the FBI, sought to sell the laptop to Russia.