Yui Inoue Murder Charges: Photos And Facts

Yui Inoue
Yui Inoue

Yui Inoue of Tempe, Arizona is accused of murdering her two children.

Yui Inoue Arrest Details

Inoue Reportedly “Heard Voices” Before Murders. “Inoue allegedly drove to the police station just before 7 a.m. Saturday and told an officer she was “hearing voices telling her to kill her kids,” Tempe police spokesman Sgt. Steven Carbajal said. “There was an officer that was heading out of the station just to take care of his normal patrol duties for the day and she seemed pretty frantic and flagged him down,” Carbajal said Saturday at a press conference.” [NY Post]

Inoue Charged With Murder After Bodies Found. “After following up on the woman’s report, Carbajal said officers responded to an apartment near Southern and Mill avenues and found the children dead with “obvious signs of physical trauma.” The mother, identified as 40-year-old Yui Inoue, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder, Carbajal said in a statement Saturday night. Inoue had been detained earlier Saturday for questioning.” [Arizona Republic]

Police Traumatized By Murder Scene. “The crime has been traumatic for the officers who responded to the scene of the two dead children and the ones who responded to the domestic dispute. “We have the experience of seeing the worst, things that people will never see but there’s something elevated about that when it’s a 9-year-old and a 7-year-old,” said Carbajal. “This should have never happened.”” [AZ Family]

Inoue In Court

Inoue Denies Murder In First Court Hearing. “”I did not kill anybody,” Yui Inoue, 40, said through a Japanese interpreter before a Maricopa County Superior Court commissioner in Phoenix told her not to talk about the case except with an attorney. Wearing an orange jumpsuit and a face mask in front of a podium, Inoue otherwise spoke little during her initial appearance, where prosecutor Jay Rademacher asked that she be held on a $2 million cash bond.” [AP]

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