Who Is Ron Arthur? Shawnee High School Rape Allegation

Ron Arthur (Ronald Arthur)
Ron Arthur (Ronald Arthur)

Ron Arthur (Ronald Arthur) is the 51 year old  Assistant Athletic Director of Shawnee High School in Shawnee Oklahoma. Arthur has been accused of using a dating app to meet up and rape a former student.

Ron Arthur Rape Allegations

Arthur Accused Of Using Grindr To Rape Student. “According to court documents, Arthur reached out to a former student via Grindr, around the time of senior graduation. The victim alleges Arthur picked him up from his home and the two engaged in oral sex.” [News 9]

Second Student Alleges Arthur Got Him Drunk, Raped Him. “In the filing, he goes on to say he was “raped by Mr. Arthur while he was drugged and passed out.” He said despite telling the coach “No,” Arthur continued telling him “No it’s OK, it’s fine, just go with it.”” [News 9]

Former Student: School Board Member Said To Keep Quiet About Allegations. “But he said they were told by a school board member and athletic director to keep quiet. “They told us to not talk about it, not tell anybody about what was going on,” said the former student.” [News 9]

Report: Arthur Had Admonishments For Sexual Comments In His Record. “Soule said she found eight admonishments and suspensions while digging through Arthur’s Shawnee Public Schools records, for making “vulgar and sexual comments to male students and vulgar comments about female students, allegations of having inappropriately touched a male’s buttocks, sending inappropriate text messages to students and having contact with students alone when he was not allowed to per his previous reinstatements.”” [KFOR]

State Superintendent Joy Hoffmeister: “Unconscionable.” “Not only is it unconscionable for anyone to use their position of authority to take advantage of a young person, those trusted adults within schools must do everything within their power to safeguard students. That did not happen in this case and appropriate action will be taken at the state level.” [Joy Hoffmeister Statement]

Arthur Attorney: Any Relationship Was Consensual. “My client and I have fully cooperated with the sheriff’s office and came in for an interview. He also passed polygraph with flying colors. Any relationship that he had with [victim] was completely consensual. “victim” is over the age of consent and was not a student at the time. He had graduated. the [athletic] event that the sheriff’s office is trying to use to convert him into a student was not a school sponsored event, no Shawnee Public School funds were used, no Shawnee Public Schools procedures were used for that event meaning no permission slips or physicals, Shawnee Public Schools provide any transportation. There’s not a crime here. In fact, they even acknowledged that the only issue was this [athletic] event and the DA’s office might not file charges. I expect them not to. I think it is also important to note that [victim] was on Grindr, app used for hookups between men. You are required to be 18 to be on that app.” [Arthur Attorney Statement]


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