Who Is Rashelle Brown? Starbucks Urination Arrest

Rashelle Brown
Rashelle Brown

Rashelle Brown is a 31 year old woman from Salt Lake City, Utah. Brown has been accused of urinating on the wall of a Starbucks restaurant. The Starbucks was located at the Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino in West Wendover, Nevada.

Rashelle Brown Starbucks Urination Arrest Details

Brown Arrested, Accused Of Urinating In Starbucks. “Rashelle Brown, 31, of Salt Lake City was reported to police as an “unwanted guest” by casino staff at 2 pm after causing a disturbance at the casino, and had pulled down her pants before urinating, according to the Elko Daily Free Press, a local newspaper.” [Casino.org]

Brown Accused Of Assaulting Police. “When a male and a female officer pinned her to the ground she allegedly used her fingernails to scratch the male officer’s hand, causing it to bleed. It took three officers to get her in the vehicle, police said. Brown allegedly kicked another officer after she arrived at the police station.” [Elko Daily]

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