Who Is Raihan Chowdhury? Boston University Kidnapping

Raihan Chowdhury
Raihan Chowdhury

Raihan Chowdhury is a 26 year old man from California who is accused of plotting to kidnap a female student from the Boston University campus.

Raihan Chowdhury Kidnapping Plot Allegations

Police say a woman at Boston University had a gun pointed at her when walking into her apartment.

Officials say the woman managed to grab the gun from the man, who they allege is Raihan Chowdhury.

Records indicate that a bag near the scene of the attempted crime contained nitrous oxide, a nasal mask, and bullets.

Police say Chowdhury attended middle school with friends of the victim in California. The woman alleged that Chowdhury stalked her online and sent her text messages and a package that was sent to her home in California.

Police also say they found a marriage certificate with Chowdhury’s name along with the name of the victim. They also say they found gold rings that looked like wedding bands, black gloves, and duct tape.

They also say they found a red journal that discussed the victim and plans to convert her to the Islamic faith.

Chowdhury has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping. He is currently being held without bail at the Worcester Recovery Center and reportedly could soon face federal criminal charges.

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