Who Is Lindsey Blake Puryear? Brookside Christian Teacher Arrest

Lindsey Blake Puryear
Lindsey Blake Puryear

Lindsey Blake Puryear is a 20 year old woman from Dunn, North Carolina. She was a student teacher at Brookside Christian Academy. Police have accused Puryear of exchanging inappropriate messages with a student.

Lindsey Blake Puryear Allegations

Lindsey Blake Puryear Arrested. “Sampson County Sheriff Jimm Thornton said that his office was notified on Sept. 20 by a parent about inappropriate messages between a school employee and their 14-year-old son. “Information was gathered regarding the complaint and forwarded to investigators,” Thornton said. “As a result of the investigation, sufficient evidence was gathered for probable cause to charge a suspect.” Puryear was a student teacher at Brookside Christian Academy, however, officials indicate the alleged crimes did not take place on campus but did involve a Brookside student.” [Lady Liberty]

Brookside Academy: Puryear Fired. “A staff member at Brookside Christian Academy has been arrested on charges of inappropriate communication with a student. As of September 20, 2022, the employee was terminated from their position and has not returned to the school campus. Brookside Christian Academy wants to assure you that the safety and well-being of our students remains our highest priority. The Brookside administrators are fully cooperating with the Sheriff’s office in their investigation, and we are not at liberty to comment further on this matter. As this is an ongoing investigation, any additional information will be released by law enforcement.” [Brookside Christian Academy]

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