Who Is Kim Foxx? Cook County DA Slap Incident

Kim Foxx
Kim Foxx

Kim Foxx is the Cook County State’s Attorney in Illinois. She has been accused of domestic violence, for the crime of slapping her husband Kelley Foxx.

Kim Foxx Slap Incident Details

Police Called To Foxx Residence For Domestic Violence. “A Flossmoor police report obtained by CBS 2 said Kelley Foxx, the State’s Attorney’s husband, called police to their home in the south suburb shortly after 10 p.m. this past Saturday to report a domestic incident. Before arriving, a dispatcher told officers that the incident was physical, but there were no injuries “yet,” the report said. Kelley and Kim Foxx were standing on the front step of the home when officers arrived, the report said. Kelley Foxx told the officers that his wife had gotten angry about something he did that was posted on Facebook, and she “asked him to leave and he refused.”” [CBS]

Police: Husband Said Facebook Post Angered Her. “Foxx’s husband told police “that Kimberly got mad about something that was posted on Facebook that he did,” according to the police report. “Kimberly asked him to leave and he refused.” According to her husband, Foxx allegedly grabbed him by the collar and threw his video game controller to the ground, according to documents. He also alleged she slapped him on his left cheek.” [NYPost]

Report: Foxx Grabbed Husband, Video Game Controller. “Kimberly “grabbed his collar and threw down his video game controller,” the report stated. “He tried to turn on the TV and Kimberly snatched the controller out of his hand and threw the controller.” The officer wrote that while Kelley explained what happened, Kimberly said “all that is true.” Kelley told police Kimberly slapped him and indicated he was slapped on his left cheek, documents stated. The officer used his flashlight to see Kelley’s cheek and “did not observe any indicators to support his claim of being struck.” Kelley told officers he just wanted “someone to understand what was happening here,” said that Kimberly was “being physically aggressive” and he just wanted it to stop, authorities said.”” [NBC]

Foxx Accused Of Throwing Game Controller. “”He tried to turn on the TV and Kimberly snatched the controller out of his hand and threw the controller,” the report states, paraphrasing what Kelley Foxx said. The police officer wrote that Kim Foxx was close enough to Kelley Foxx while he was speaking to him, and could hear Kim Foxx say “all that is true.”” [Fox]

No Arrest Made In Foxx Incident. “In the report, police said Kelley Foxx told them his wife got mad about something posted on Facebook that he had done, and that she asked him to leave, but he refused, according to WGN. The report said police found no evidence to make an arrest.” [Patch]

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