Who Is Kain Harris Lord? Grovetown Chest Carve Rape

Kain Harris Lord
Kain Harris Lord

Kain Harris Lord is a 17 year old from Grovetown, Georgia. Lord is accused of raping and allegedly carving his name into the chest of the victim and other parts of her body.

Kain Harris Lord Allegation Details

Lord Accused Of Rape. “The Augusta Press, citing the arrest warrant, reports Lord allegedly used nylon rope to bind the victim’s feet and hands together and had sex with her “forcibly and against her will.” WRDW says the arrest warrant alleges he used a “bladed instrument” to brand his name on the victim’s body. The Augusta Press said it was a box cutter.” [True Crime Daily]

Assault Allegedly Occurred In July 2021. “Kain Harris Lord, 17, was charged on Monday with rape and aggravated battery, according to arrest records. Arrest warrants state the incident occurred on July 9 in Grovetown.” [WRDW]

Report: Victim’s Mother Alerted Police After Note Found. “The rape allegation surfaced on Sept. 21 when the victim’s mother reportedly found a note about the sexual assault. She then reported it to law enforcement. The case is investigated by the Grovetown Department of Public Safety.” [Augusta Press]

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