Who Is Juan Antonio Arreola-Murillo? Utah Cold Case

Juan Antonio Arreola-Murillo is a 41 year old man from Salt Lake County, Utah. Arreola-Murillo has been accused of the cold case murders of Sonia Mejia and Damiana Castillo.

Juan Antonio Arreola-Murillo Murder Allegations

Juan Antonio Arreola-Murillo Charged With Three Murders. “On Friday, a judge ordered the charges to be unsealed, revealing that Juan Antonio Arreola-Murillo, 41, had been charged with three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery, all first-degree felonies. Two of the murder charges filed were for the women killed. The third murder charge was for the unborn child of one of the victims, who also did not survive. Arreola-Murillo was extradited back to Utah from Mexico and booked into jail on Thursday, Jan. 6.” [KSL]

Police: Murderer Stole From Victims. “His spoils likely included three pieces of jewelry from Mejia, including a heart-shaped ruby ring, a diamond ring, and a pendant which went missing after Mejia’s murder, her husband told officers. Arreola-Murillo also appeared to have rifled through Castillo’s purse, dumping her wallet on the couch and messing with her jewelry boxes.” [Daily Beast]

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