Who Is Holly DeBord? Guilty Of Sexual Torture

Holly DeBord
Holly DeBord

Holly DeBord is a 37 year old woman from Albertville, Alabama. She pleaded guilty to charges of sodomy and bestiality for an attack on a mentally challenged man that went viral online.

Debord Tortured Man For “Snitching.” “Debord is accused of making the video of a suspected mentally challenged man being sexually tortured, abused and sodomized in retaliation for what Debord called “snitching” to police. ” [Sand Mountain Reporter]

Sentenced To Nearly 100 Years In Prison. “On Tuesday, Holly DeBord was sentenced to 99.5 years in prison; two concurrent 99-year terms for different felony charges, and six months for the bestiality charge.” [CBS 42]

Charged Along With Van Christopher Havis. “Debord and Van Christopher Havis, 54, of Guntersville, were charged with sodomy, bestiality and other charges in January 2020 after a video shared on Facebook Messenger showed the pair assaulting an unnamed mentally disabled man and forcing him to perform sex acts on a “domesticated animal.”” [Sand Mountain Reporter]

DA: Video Was “Physically Repulsive.” ““This is one case that was just physically repulsive,” Assistant Marshall County District Attorney and lead prosecutor Jennifer Bray said. “You know, it made your stomach churn watching these videos. It is so violent and so aggressive. And what they’re doing to this victim, again it’s just awful. Words can’t describe it.”” [WFLA]


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