Who Is Giancarlo Corsi? Los Angeles Teacher Arrest

Giancarlo Corsi
Giancarlo Corsi

Giancarlo Corsi is a man from Sylmar, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. He worked as a teacher at Harding Street Elementary School. Police have accused Corsi of assaulting a student.

Giancarlo Corsi Allegations

Giancarlo Corsi Arrested, Accused Of Assault. “On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Department officers received a report of sexual battery against a child, where the victim alleged that a teacher, Giancarlo Corsi, had inappropriately touched him several times over the course of the 2004-05 school year at Harding Street Elementary School. According to the victim, Corsi was a teacher in a neighboring classroom. A Santa Clarita resident, Corsi had taught in San Fernando Valley elementary schools from 1992 to 2006 before taking a hiatus until 2017, when he returned to Hardin Street Elementary.” [CBS]

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