Who Is Christine Martinez? Pinterest Lawsuit, Alleged Co-Creator

Christine Martinez is a 40 year old woman from San Francisco, California. In September 2021, Martinez sued Pinterest, alleging that she is a co-creator of the company.

Christine Martinez Sues Pinterest. “In a lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court, Ms. Martinez accused Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra, two of Pinterest’s three co-founders, of breach of implied contract, idea theft, unjust enrichment and unfair business practices. Ms. Martinez had created Pinterest alongside Mr. Silbermann and Mr. Sciarra, the lawsuit said, contributing ideas that were “core organizing concepts,” such as organizing images on boards and enabling e-commerce.” [NY Times]

Alleged Discrimination At Pinterest

Martinez Had 3.7 Million Pinterest Followers In 2012. ““Inspirational quotes are wildly popular on Pinterest right now,” said Christine Martinez, 31, who runs a design blog, Miles to Style, in Oakland, Calif., and has 3.7 million followers on Pinterest. Repinly currently ranks her as the ninth most popular pinner on the site.” [NY Times]

Former Pinterest Employee Accused Company Of Racism. “I am SO proud of the initiatives I led in my time there – addressing health misinfo decisively is no longer novel thanks to that work. I just wish it wasn’t sullied by the racism, gaslighting, & disrespect from my manager, skip level, and the company’s legal & HR leadership.” [Ifeoma Ozoma]

Top Pinterest Executives Were Accused Of Sex Discrimination. “In a lawsuit this week, Françoise Brougher, Pinterest’s former chief operating officer, accused the company of sex discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. When she spoke up about a sexist remark from a colleague, she was fired, the lawsuit alleges. She followed the suit with a lengthy blog post, “The Pinterest Paradox: Cupcakes and Toxicity,” which was widely shared in tech circles.” [NY Times]

Pinterest Settled Gender Discrimination Lawsuit For $22.5 Million. “Pinterest on Monday agreed to pay $22.5 million to settle a gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit from Françoise Brougher, its former chief operating officer, in one of the largest publicly announced individual settlements for gender discrimination.” [NY Times]

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