What Happened To Madelyn Allen? Kidnapped Utah Student

Madelyn Allen
Madelyn Allen

Madelyn Allen is a 19 year old woman who is a student at Snow College in Utah. Allen was found covered in coal after she was kidnapped and missing for five days.

Madelyn Allen Kidnapping Details

Allen Found Covered In Coal After Kidnapping. “A Utah college student who went missing after leaving her dorm room a week ago, on Saturday was rescued by the police from the home of her alleged kidnapper, where she was found naked and covered in coal in the basement. Law enforcement officials arrested 39-year-old Brent Brown in connection with the disappearance of Madelyn Allen, a 19-year-old Snow College student from Ephraim. He now faces charges of obstruction of justice, aggravated kidnaping, rape and object rape.” [Daily Mail]

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