Trump Tries To Hide Embarrassing Interview From Biggest Supporters

Donald Trump attempted to hide one of the most embarrassing interviews of his presidency from his biggest supporters.

Trump’s interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan aired on Monday and segments of the interview went viral online, showing Trump fumbling to answer the reporter’s basic questions on the virus, economy, and his presidency.

But for his most fervent supporters online, Trump deviated from his usual promotional gimmicks. Instead of highlighting the entire interview, which is on YouTube (and has been viewed over 7 million times), Trump presented highly edited clips on his own YouTube page.

Trump's YouTube With Edited Axios Clips
Trump’s YouTube With Edited Axios Clips

There the interview was presented as a series of extremely brief moments, with no single clip going over a 38 second run time.

Trump’s sanitized YouTube version of events removed all of his gaffes and incorrect answers, along with his contentious exchanges with Swan who asked him simple follow-ups.

Less than 24 hours after the interview became another black eye for Trump as he trails Vice President Joe Biden in national election polling, Trump promoted an interview with Fox News’ Fox & Friends.

In his appearances on Fox News, where he was once a regularly scheduled contributor, Trump is rarely questioned or challenged. Fox & Friends has been one of Trump’s most reliable allies in promoting his administration without asking him critical questions about issues affecting millions.

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